A Better World

through Tracey Smith, April 27th, 2007


Are You Open to the Shifts and Changes That Would Make A Better World For You?

"Be aware of the energies that you feel within and around you, pay attention to how you feel and where your thoughts and emotions travel. Remember the importance of your feelings, your emotions and how you choose to balance your energy fields.

In this moment...it is 11:11 pm ~ thank you angels!

Clear your space and your thoughts and be aware as to what you are creating and attracting in your world. Is it full of joy and laughter, balanced with the energy of harmony and peace?

We see the chaos and little games of drama that still consume your lives. We ask that you pay close attention to the energies and vibrations that you surround yourself around. Be peaceful within your own hearts and accept the world that you chose to live in.

Ask yourself ~ "Are you open to the shifts and changes that would create a better world for you?" Be open to looking at things from a new perception and see yourself creating a new world through the thoughts of your mind, your visions and moving through to your feelings.

We are aware you've heard this information over and over again, but are you aware of the game that you continue to play with yourself and others? Use the energy of empowerment, of joy, of enlightenment and see that ray of light shining within you.

It is your energy that creates the world you're living in. Notice how you feel when you are around others that know the energy of their own light. Make and create the shifts without the energy of fear, to create a space that you feel good in. You have come to times where you are being shown that you must move on from what no longer inspires you to grow within your own light.

It is time to awaken your heart and shine your radiant light with the energy of joy and empowerment. Feel the path that lies ahead and step into that energy field knowing your own truth and trusting in who you are. We see you seeking and following a direction that you think is safe, but if your vibration is not radiating ~ how safe are you really?

It is time to choose your inner path of peace and set an example that you are walking in God's path to be all that you can be. We encourage you with words of wisdom, words of empowerment and words that bring you to a place where you can fulfill your dreams.

Many of you can feel the energies that keep you from seeking your truth. It is time to question yourself and ask why and what you are afraid of, what brings you fear and who are you doing this for? You will enlighten your own strengths of empowerment when you open the door to listen to your own heart and acknowledge the truth of who you are.

We send rays of light and we see where the rays of light are shining back. The light is within each of you and when you feel sad and question yourselves ~ those bright rays shine a little dimmer. We ask that you turn on the light switch, smile with radiance and see the sparks of light that shine within yourselves.

The stars that you are sparkle with such an essence of bright lights. We share ~ "That if you could see what we see, you would be so proud to shine as bright as you can be." Our messenger is beginning to see these rays of bright lights that sparkle like the stars you are, and she smiles knowing it is a magical essence. Do your best to get out of the energies of drama and sadness, and put your energies to the stars of light that sparkle so brightly.

You all hold the power to hold an essence of pure joy and gratitude. See the little things that surround you and acknowledge the energy of all that feels good. Bring this energy forth and watch your world turn around.

It appears that many grave and dark places surround you and the planet. We want you to know that there is more good than you are aware ~ it just isn't always shown to you. Many people on the planet of Earth gather together to shift the energy, the vibration of their lands and surroundings.

Events are going on all over where you have no idea, and sometimes it's right next door in your own areas and communities. Look around, pay attention to what is going on in your neighbourhoods, and see how you can connect in these vibrations. See how you feel and how your energy shines when you are working with others in the same light.

We see all that is, and we can assure you that as all things appear through your news, your press and your media ~ pay attention and take a closer look as to all the good that is going on around you. Smile at your neighbour, at the one that sits next to you and to those you do not know. Feel the energy of your smile and how such a small act of joy can be so refreshing to those hearts you touch.

A smile comes from the energy of your light, a smile creates the energy of joy from your own heart and expands out to the heart of another. The energy of humanities hearts are healing, and although we still see the energy of pain and sorrow, we are seeing that the vibrations are awakening as each heart takes it's journey to heal.

You are touching one another with each message of hope, inspiration and gratefulness. Continue to connect with the energy of your heart, your smile and watch your world shift around you. You will see peoples hearts open up to you and you will see the energy of others smiling back at you.

Be open and pay attention to the worlds you live in and see what you create as you enforce the energy of your own light and empowerment. You're on a journey that is yours, and you hold the power to choose the path of your desires, your wishes.

Magic is in the air when you choose to walk and acknowledge your own magic, your own light.

See it shine,
See it glow,
See it sparkle.

Be the star that shines and join in the energy of the Universal glow ~ we can assure you that it is a happy and joyful path, one you will want to follow.

Believe in the power
of who you are,
Acknowledge the strengths
of your own gifts,
Light the star
of your energy,
And feel the vibration
of your own light radiate.

The light on your planet is growing brighter and we ask that you feel safe and trust that as these are times of great changes and shifts, the lights of your souls are shining and Earth is coming to a place of empowered beings.

Step into your light, your power, your truth and honour the presence of the divine being of light that you are. Remember dear ones, you are never alone as we shine our presence with you each and everyday.

Play, have fun, enjoy this gift of life you have and share it with the presence of others. Be at peace and shine like the bright star that you are.

We are the Counsel of Light, here with you in all ways."