Gift of Your Heart

through Tracey Smith, Saturday, March 17th, 2007


The Sun Shines Each and Everyday and Your Heart Has This Great Gift To Shine Each and Everyday

St. Patrick's Day

We are with you dear ones through these challenging times, yet we ask that you look beyond the challenges and see the light of your own wisdom and understanding that shines within. The Earth is continuing to rotate and shift as well as all the energies within the Universe.

Times of change are here and to see and recognize your own inner shifts within and around you will help you understand the happenings that are occurring. See yourself as the light being that you are and continue to shine and radiate your own inner light. The power is within you to come through these changes, and as you see the light within you, you will carry the grace of your own inner being through these great shifts.

It is 11:11 pm in this moment, the angels send us a cosmic wink and their love. :-)

All humanity is able to feel the changes, yet not all have the ability and understanding to flow with the divine presence of their own inner light. Be cautious of the energies you get caught up in, be aware of what surrounds you and know what feels good within your own inner presence.

Many have tuned in to the 3D energies of your world, be aware of your own light and you will flow through the shifts. Feel the energies that surround you and recognize the patterns of what you may be creating. You all the ability to move forward through these energies and to stay within your own vibration. Be aware of what you are creating within your own worlds and see the changes and shifts that you create yourself.

Ask yourself if these are the changes you desire and see how they feel within your heart. You have the ability to create your true hearts desire, see the energies that you are focusing on. You will know if you are holding the energy of what truly feels good within your heart.

Are you listening to your own desires, or the expectations of others? Listen to your own hearts, your own wisdom and hear your own calling.

You all have the key of wisdom within your own hearts, yet so many of humanities people are in fear to follow the light of their own guidance. Sit back, relax and rest, take time for yourself to allow your own inner wisdom to come forth.

You have the ability to set yourself free and follow the path you were empowered to live. We ask, "Do you trust yourself, or do you request that others show you the way?" It is time for God's Children of Light to be empowered to follow their light and shine with their own natural gifts. To believe in who they are, and to recognize their own inner beauty and strengths.

Listen to the message that comes from your heart and be guided by your own inner truth. Yes, dear ones, you do have the ability to follow your own divine truth, yet you must learn to listen to the message of your own heart.

Set yourself free, love the truth of your own abundant being, knowing there is only one true miracle that is you! There is no other that is of the exact truth of Who You Are. You are all pure white beings of light and when you recognize your own beauty and purity, you will not ask to be as another. You will rejoice in the truth of Who You Truly Are.

We radiate our love to your presence and ask that you see this beauty and truth within you. For you are deserving to be the best that you can be, and to recognize the power of your own gifts. The rays of light that are shining down upon Earth are bright, radiant and beautiful. We ask that you take in this energy, to feel it within and go upon your daily lives shining this ray out to others. Know that as you shine this energy out to others, you pass along our love and light to all.

Each being of light holds an energy in their heart, and when you shine, you have the ability to spark that ray of light within each heart you touch. Do not be afraid of your own light, honour the true being that lies within you. You shine like a vibrant star when you open your heart and spread that light to others.

God knows your truth, and he recognizes the light of all sentient beings. Walk with his energy within you and trust that you have the capabilities to do your life's work and follow the passion of your own work. The gift is within you, all you need to do is believe in Who You Are, take that step and be within your own power. God asks that you feel the presence of light that shines within you and honour the truth of Who You Are.

The sun shines each and everyday and your heart has this great gift to shine each and everyday. All we ask is that you feel the love within you and shine that love as the great sun shines down upon you all. Feel her radiate as you radiate, and recognize the difference how you feel when your own inner sun light shines. Do you feel calm, do you feel at ease, do you trust within yourself?  Trust, you will know you do make a powerful difference in the lives of many when you shine and follow the path of your own truth.

Know in your heart, that all though your world is going through great shifts & changes and turmoil & chaos surround many, there are great changes and happenings all around. Many good deeds take place that are not always shared, and these great deeds are happening because of great and loving people like you!

Follow the truth of Who You Are, and see the great deeds that you accomplish ~ no matter how big or small you think they are. Others see the beauty of Who You Are, and we ask that you see the beauty of Who You Are ~ a great divine light that shines out to the Universe. Remember, we see the power of your inner light, be brave and see that light shine bright like the radiant star that you are!

Earth is calling for your presence to come forth and be powerful within your own inner wisdom, and give your divine gifts to others. You all have your own powerful gifts that were ignited within you upon your birth. Find that gift of your own passion and feel safe to shine and share it with others. Whether you choose to be in service of aide, of arts, of humanity, know your own calling and follow the truth of your own path.

You will feel the presence of happiness and JOY, and as you feel the power of your own essence, you will live a life of great abundance.

Listen to your dreams,
Follow your own inner guidance,
Go with your own calling,
Be brave and trust your
Own inner strengths and gifts.

We are within your presence and share the ray of light that shines up and through you each day. Live your life in JOY, and share that JOY with others.

We shine our love and light to you, Archangel Metatron"